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“People say, ‘Nirvana killed heavy metal,’ and they didn’t. If you had any type of music scene that is so weak that another band can come on playing a different type of music and kill your scene, then your scene wasn’t good enough in the first place.”

Riki Rachtman, host of “Headbangers Ball” when Nirvana members Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic showed up for an interview in November 1991, in a 2011 interview. It’s notorious in that Cobain wore a bright yellow gown and was obviously under the influence, and the appearance for many symbolizes the death of “hair metal,” i.e. pop metal — of which Def Leppard is a perfect representative. Read the interview here. Watch the “Headbangers Ball” segment here.

Riki Rachtman – Nirvana

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“There’s something wrong with that boy; he frowns for no good reason.”

William S. Burroughs, speaking to his assistant after a visit from Kurt Cobain at Burroughs’ Lawrence, Kan., ranch in October 1993, taken from this article

William S. Burroughs – Kurt Cobain

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“The sad irony is that most metal fans looked at Nirvana as a metal band. It seems crazy now, but — for a few fleeting moments on the cultural calendar of early ’92 — the band that many casual rock kids compared (and sometimes even confused) with Nirvana was Ugly Kid Joe. The distinction between grunge and metal was initially unclear: Soundgarden opened for GNR; Alice in Chains originally called themselves ‘Alice N Chainz.’ The first time we heard someone mention the idea of an emerging ‘Seattle Sound,’ I recall my roommate mentioning he was happy because he liked Queensryche.”

Chuck Klosterman, in his metal manifesto, “Fargo Rock City,” from 2001

Chuck Klosterman – The ‘Seattle Sound’

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“You have a small handful of bands — about 20 people who in the course of five or six years completely changed pop culture. They really did, they totally revolutionized the music industry. I mean Nirvana single-handedly did, but all those bands were a part of that. When you step back and look at it like that, it’s fascinating. You think, ‘How does this happen?’ Because you know it will happen again somewhere else.”

Doug Pray, director of “Hype!,” a 1996 critique of the grunge movement that is essential viewing, in a 1997 interview with Rich Drees, reporter for The Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Times Leader

Doug Pray – Hype! documentary

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Fear, “Beef Bologna”

Fear – Starwood Ad – 1982 Nomag – Image: Reserve LA

One of the most enduring albums from punk’s true era is 1982’s lude and crude “The Record,” in which singer Lee Ving (yup, strip-club dude from “Flashdance”) can be found belting out some honest-to-goodness scat singing on “Beef Bologna,” before he and the rest of the band let loose with another slab of sonic brutality.

There perhaps was a time when the term “beef bologna” did not carry a sexual connotation — and it certainly is funny to think the song might be about a proud butcher shop owner — but Ving and co. try to keep the message pretty lowest common dominator on their debut. Seeing as its following albums were titled “More Beer” (1985) — with Nazi-esque cover art, no less — and “Have Another Beer With Fear” (1995), it became a tradition.

Ving also had a fetish for confrontation. Take these lyrics from “I Don’t Care About You,” also off “The Record”:

“I’ve seen an old man have a heart attack in Manhattan.
Well he just died while we just stood there lookin’ at him.
Ain’t he cute?”

Now, “Beef Bologna” is undisputedly a classic. But you wouldn’t know it from the version on Fear’s re-recorded album, “The Fear Record,” released this past November. Perhaps wanting to one-up Peter Hook on his recent world tours performing Joy Division albums, sole original Fear member Ving decided to redo “The Record” 30 years later. It’s like Dave Grohl grabbing a bunch of session players and putting out a new “Nevermind” in the year 2021.

Here’s footage of Ving performing “Beef Boloney” (new spelling) with his surrogates in March 2012 in Dallas:

And, finally, here’s the only link I’ve been able to find that I can share of the version of “Beef Boloney” from the new album (I listen to it on Spotify): http://songs.to/#!s=Beef+Baloney&c=title

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