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“People say, ‘Nirvana killed heavy metal,’ and they didn’t. If you had any type of music scene that is so weak that another band can come on playing a different type of music and kill your scene, then your scene wasn’t good enough in the first place.”

Riki Rachtman, host of “Headbangers Ball” when Nirvana members Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic showed up for an interview in November 1991, in a 2011 interview. It’s notorious in that Cobain wore a bright yellow gown and was obviously under the influence, and the appearance for many symbolizes the death of “hair metal,” i.e. pop metal — of which Def Leppard is a perfect representative. Read the interview here. Watch the “Headbangers Ball” segment here.

Riki Rachtman – Nirvana

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Def Leppard meme

Def Leppard meme

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“It’s nice to walk down Oxford Street without being recognized, but then again, when music magazines write about us, they take the piss because we’re not as cool as Johnny Marr, who isn’t as successful as us by a million miles. Bands who have sold shitloads of records, whether it be us or Depeche Mode, are becoming footnotes.”

Joe Elliot, Def Leppard singer, in a 2010 interview with U.K.’s Metro

Joe Elliot – Def Leppard

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