Songs reviewed, in order from most recent to oldest:

May 2013

112. Lowell Fulson, “Tollin’ Bells”

111. The Twilight Sad, “Nil (Liars remix)”

110. Skinny Puppy, “God’s Gift (Maggot)”

April 2013

109. Shabazz Palaces, “An Echo From the Hosts That Profess Infinitum”

108. St. Vincent, “Neutered Fruit”

107. The Yardbirds, “Happenings Ten Years Time Ago”

106. Lene Lovich, “Lucky Number”

105. Beach Fossils, “Fall Right In”

104. Nu Sensae, “Spit Gifting”

103. Lower Dens, “Holy Water”

102. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, “Tupelo”

101. True Widow, “Skull Eyes”

100. Bongwater, “Dazed and Chinese” / Covers #8

99. Suuns, “Pie X”

March 2013

98. Ronnie Dawson, “Action Packed”

97. Neutral Milk Hotel, “Holland, 1945”

96. Simple Minds, “Up On the Catwalk”

95. Some Ember, “Face of Sand”

94. Danielson, “Smooth Death”

93. Sinead O’Connor, “Troy”

92. Gary Jules/Michael Andrews, “Mad World” / Covers #7

91. Beastie Boys, “High Plains Drifter”

90. Superchunk, “Like a Fool”

89. Balam Acab, “Oh, Why”

88. John Moran, “Good Morning! … It’s The Beatles”

87. The Entrance Band, “Silence on a Crowded Train”

86. Tanya Tagaq, “Qimiruluapik”

85. Coleman Hawkins, “Body and Soul”

84. Beach House, “Norway”

83. Primus, “Tragedy’s a’ Comin'”

82. Deerhunter, “Lake Somerset”

81. The Smiths, “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others”

80. Sarah Blasko and Ajak Kwai, “Nyiir lenquarr”

79. Dead Can Dance, “The Host of Seraphim”

78. NY Loose, “Lust For Life” / Covers #6

77. Kurt Vile, “Society Is My Friend”

76. Pram, “The Owl Service”

75. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, “The Ballad of the Sin Eater”

74. Warsaw, “Inside the Line”

73. Gary Numan, “Cars”

February 2013

72. Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, “Wonder Woman”

71. Gonjasufi, “Sheep”

70. Swell Maps, “Another Song/Vertical Slum”

69. Bela Fleck (w/ Djelimady Tounkara), “Mariam”

68. M83, “Steve McQueen”

67. Ane Brun, “I Would Hurt a Fly” / Covers #5

66. Poison Idea, “Smack Attack”

65. Michael Jackson, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”

64. Cows, “Uptown Suckers”

63. Lard, “The Power of Lard”

62. !Action Pact!, “People”

61. Still Corners, “Endless Summer”

60. Bernard Hermann, “Farewell and the Tower”

59. Tim Buckley, “Song to the Siren”

58. Dirty Beaches, “True Blue”

57. Killing Joke, “Wardance”

56. Radiohead, “Airbag”

55. Battles, “Atlas”

54. Lizzy Mercier Descloux, “Room Mate”

53. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, “Little Demon”

52. Elton John, “Island Girl”

51. The Deviants, “I’m Coming Home”

50. Aaron Novik, “No. 13 Baby” / Covers #4

January 2013

49. Sun Ra, “Lanquidity”

48. Squirrel Bait, “Sun God”

47. Sharon Van Etten, “Serpents”

46. Clinic, “If You Could Read Your Mind”

45. Death Grips, “Klink”

44. Angelite/Huun-Huur-Tu, “Lonely Bird”

43. Wye Oak, “Mother” / Covers #3

42. Scratch Acid, “Moron’s Moron”

41. The 101’ers, “Motor Boys Motor”

40. Halo Benders, “Don’t Touch My Bikini”

39. Baby Gramps, “Old Man of the Sea”

38. Julee Cruise, “Into the Night”

37. The Saints, “Wild About You”

36. Mercury Rev, “Holes”

35. Clues, “Remember Severed Head”

34. Caveman, “Easy Water”

33. Curtis Mayfield, “Pusherman”

32. Nina Hagen, “TV-Glotzer (White Punks on Dope)” / Covers #2

31. Beck, “Nicotine & Gravy”

30. Gauntlet Hair, “Lights Out”

29. Fiery Furnaces, “In My Little Thatched Hut”

28. Crushed Butler, “It’s My Life”

27. June of 44, “Sharks & Sailors”

26. Love & Rockets, “The Dog-End of a Day Gone By”

25. Willie Nelson, “The Scientist” / Covers #1

24. Oingo Boingo, “Reptiles and Samurai”

23. Inca Babies, “The Judge”

22. Liars, “Loose Nuts on the Veladrome”

21. Red Aunts, “Freakathon”

20. Colourbox, “Hot Doggie”

19. Tinariwen, “Ya Messinagh”

18. Birdy Nam Nam, “Escape”

17. Salem, “Sick”

16. Butthole Surfers, “Moving to Florida”

15. Charles Mingus, “Haitian Fight Song”

14. Fear, “Beef Bologna”

13. Eric’s Trip, “Belly”

December 2012

12. The Stone Roses, “I Wanna Be Adored”

11. Crime, “Hot Wire My Heart/Baby You’re So Repulsive”

10. Tom Waits, “Step Right Up”

9. Bjork, “Pagan Poetry”

8. Sonic Youth, “The World Looks Red”

7. The Cure, “New Day”

6. Forest Swords, “Hoylake Misst”

5. Sleater-Kinney, “Little Mouth”

4. Zola Jesus, “Hikikomori”

3. The Cramps, “Don’t Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk”

2. Raymond Scott, “Lightworks”

1. Junior Kimbrough, “Meet Me in the City”


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